adding a cms

User story In order to get a simple publishing workflow - to keep creation, review and publish apart

sync website to repo

User story In order to make the website available for the team to edit

start a website

User story In order to get a (unified generated) website

create an azure account

User Story In order to use azure cloud ressources

get a microsoft identity

User story In order to get a (Microsoft) azure account to use cloud resources

integrate cookiebot consent management into matomo

creating a new measurable in matomo had already created a tag manager container for us - which we need to modify before we can use it -

configure matomo for your website

prerequisite these step are required if you already have a Motomo instance up and running and just want to add another website -

manage cookies

scan report one of the services provided by cookiebot is a monthly scan of your website for cookies which might be used in any page -

get cookiebot

About cookiebot Cookiebot is a commercial offering from Denmark which has a “free” starter for small websites with less than 100 pages - these services are provided:

create pipeline

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