get a microsoft identity

5/9/2021 3-minute read

User story

In order to get a (Microsoft) azure account to use cloud resources

I need a Microsoft identity

while currently I can’t get anything without it

acceptance criteria:


Go to

Assuming you don’t have an Microsoft identity or Azure subscription already ( > if you do just use it to log in and skip this user story because the acceptance criteria is already fulfilled)

please click on “No account? Create one!” (1).

create new account

“account” in this context means “identity” - every identity requires a worldwide unique identifier

For data privacy (or other) reasons you may want to create a new account solely to manage your Microsoft sources such as Azure - if so click “Get a new email address”. Of course you can also use an existing email address (but this case is not shown here in this user story, so help yourself)

click “Get a new email address” (1)

choose (or create) an email address

An email address is used as unique identifier for your identity (which is a quite common approach)

Both hotmail and outlook offer free email services since years - so don’t be surprised that many names are already choosen by someone else and no longer available. Usually longer names will work. Seems that dot combinations like are not allowed here.

create a password for this new email address

general password hint: Avoid any short passwords, no matter if special characters are used used or not, this is not providing security.

Instead, try long passwords, the longer the better - use a sentence which you can easily remember but slightly modify it (onceuponatimein…).

more info may be required

as stated in the text more info is required

just provide the required fields (1) and click “next” (2)

check you are human (no script, no bot)

In order to avoid that creating identities can be automated or scripted there is a step which requires (human) user interaction (sometimes called “captcha”)

It may look different in your cases as such “challenges” will be always improved because some teams take on the challenge to prove that it actually can be automated

alternative route

In this case “This isn’t working for me” was required to get a different kind of check

again - may look different in your case - then just follow the instructions

example picture puzzle

this “recognizing object in front of another object” seems to be state of the art as of this writing

try to complete the puzzle - note this step might look totally different in your case - it just represents this situation at the time this user story was created.

welcome screen

The “welcome screen” confirms that your identity had been successfully created

you may want to see “start tour”

overview and central control

we now reached the central dashboard for Microsoft Azure

just look around

training and more info

each cloud resources has training material available -

just choose one if you want to learn more

from here

we now have an identity and can log in into the central dashboard successfully - so the acceptance criteria is fulfilled - however, when you click on “create” for any service or resource you will see that an “azure account” is needed to proceed - which is a seperate user story