configure matomo for your website

3/9/2021 2-minute read


these step are required if you already have a Motomo instance up and running and just want to add another website -

TODO - describe howto bootstrap Matomo from scratch

login into existing matomo instance

go to settings

go to settings

add a new measurable (website)

in the left-hand menu select “websites” then “manage”

click on “a new measurable”


select website

config details

Name = and URLs:

rest remains on default setting, note - again - names with and without “www.” are treated as the same

config continued


review all settings

and click “save” to create a new measurable


see “website created”

note: Value for ID depend in how many other websites are already setup in this matomo system


select “kabeq”

to limit focus on a partipular website

next step

there is currently no data available hence matomo is leading to instructions how to integrate the necassary code on your website

however, we don’t want to follow these instructions - to comply with GDPR the code cannot be active on any pageview - we need to get visitor’s opt-in first

use tag manager

on way to integrate the analytics tracking code on the website is to use the tag manager to implement a basic logic to activate and de-activate the tracking code instantly on selections made by the visitor

next steps to integrate the analytics tracking code will be shown in a seperate blog post